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These are some helpful tips when narrowing down the company you want to install your patio, walkway, or driveway pavers.  Price should not be your only decision making item.  Things that are cheaper are cheaper for a reason.
Does the company guarantee their work for a full year?  This is a huge benefit.  Who is going to fund the correction of any problems without a guarantee?
Maple Leaf guarantees all of our work for one full year.  This is why we will only install pavers to the industry code.  We do not skimp on materials to lower the price.
Is the company insured and licensed?   If something goes wrong or someone gets hurt who will cover the expenses involved?  If they are not insured, YOU as the homeowner could be held accountable.   If you need assistance with issues The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs will gladly help you lodge complaints, and resolve issues with licensed contractors.  You can surf their website to see if a contractor is licensed and have any complaints lodged against them.
Maple Leaf is fully insured and licensed NJHIC # 13VH03845600
Patio and walkway base should have 5-7” of quarry processed stone, compacted in layers; driveways should have 8-10”.  This is an easy item a contractor can skimp on to lower their price.  Is this item listed on the estimate sheet?
Maple Leaf will advise the estimated amount of tonnage required right on our estimate sheet.  You can search the web for stone calculators to verify the correct amount.  The base layer is critical of the paver’s longevity.
Patio, walkways and driveways should have at least one inch of stone dust on top of the QP.  Is this item listed on the estimate sheet?  This is key to the proper setting of the pavers.   It will also be swept into the paver cracks; this will set the pavers to minimize movement.
Maple Leaf will install the proper amount of stone dust to ensure the success of your project.  This item will be listed right on our estimate sheet.
Patio and walkways should have edge restraint, and spikes set every 2 feet, every 1 foot for driveways. Are these items listed on the estimate sheet?  This is another key item for proper paver setting.
Maple Leaf will install the proper amount of edge restraint and spikes as listed above.  This item will be listed right on our estimate sheet.



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