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Wall options :

Define your outdoor living space with walls. This hardscape features can be constructed of a variety of materials that vary widely in cost and durability. Another option for walls, is a wall seat. Wall seats go great edging a patio, defining the area like an outdoor room, or a tree ring, both provide additional seating for your parties. Here's a look at some of the more popular choices:
Wall Block
Concrete block or 'engineered' stone, offer the appearance of natural hewn stone. Special patterns are available, and the product can even be bought distressed to enhance the natural look.
Nothing bridges the home to the landscape better than stone. It is available in wide selection of colors, sizes and textures. The finished look is reminiscent of a cottage garden. This is a good choice when you want a larger stone look to match a veneer application on your home.
Treated wood provides the least expensive solution for retaining walls, but it is also the least durable. Expect to replace wood retaining walls in 15-20 years. A drawback to wood is that you are generally limited to straight walls and edges. This can be somewhat restrictive in the landscape design and sense of flow. But where the budget is the overriding concern, treated wood can provide a quick and least-cost solution and provides a natural textured look and feel

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