Excavating Services in Vernon NJ

Excavating Services in Vernon NJ

excavating services in vernon nj

Learn more about Excavation Services in Vernon NJ: When it comes to construction and landscaping projects, excavating plays a important role in preparing the groundwork. Most of these projects start with digging and grading. Excavating Services are part of bigger projects such land clearing to build a home addition, deck, or patio. Excavating is also the first step in putting in a new driveway or walkway. It is also important to ensure the grading of your property and your drainage is done correctly for all of these projects which can also be achieved with our Excavation Services.

Maple Leaf offers Excavation Services in Vernon NJ that include:

Site Preparation: If you are looking to install a shed, playground, above ground pool it
would be beneficial to have a professional come in and excavate for site
preparation. Site Preparation includes:

  • Shed, Playground Pad, Above Ground Pool Site
  • Preparation for Walkway, Driveway, etc
  • Excavating for New Home Sites or Home Expansions
  • Excavating Trenches for Utilities such as Plumbing and Electrical


Land Grading is important to improve your current lot to give you more usable property. This is especially important to homeowners that live in mountainous areas such as ours in Vernon NJ. Land Grading is performed to:

  • Improve the lay of your property
  • Insure proper drainage and prevent water damage
  • Create more usable space
  • Help make plants and lawn healthier


Proper Drainage of your property will mitigate against water damage. We will excavate your property to either grade your property to slope properly or to install underground drainage pipes to direct the flow of water away from your home.

  • Yard Drainage
  • French Drains
  • Underground Drainage Pipes
  • Property Grading


Land Clearing and Lot Clearing.  We provide Land Clearing Services, big or small, to unruly areas of your property so you can build, expand or create more usable outdoor space for your family.

  • Expanding Yard to create more usable property
  • Clear land to install shed, pool, swing set, etc.
  • Remove Trees, Shrubs, Stumps etc.
  • Debris Removal


Installing Footings for your construction projects is also achieved through our Excavating Services. Footings include:

  • Fireplace Footings
  • Stair Footings
  • Deck Footings


Maple Leaf can help you create an the outdoor space of your dreams with our Excavating Services.  We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the job is done right the first time. Contact us today to discuss your excavation needs and let’s make your project a success!  We have over 25 Years of Experience and are Licensed and Insured! We can be reached at 973-209-1230 or send a fax to 973-209-1235 or email us at: maplelea@ptd.net. Check out our amazing our Testimonials on our Home Page to see what people are saying about Maple Leaf!!!


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